Exciting & Educational Play for Toddlers

At Woodpark, we begin more a structured learning in the Toddler room. We incorporate exciting play opportunities for our toddlers alongside beginning Montessori education. Our toddler teachers are caring and love to have fun!

Unique Learning Experience for Unique Toddlers

We believe that toddlers are curious about the world around them, and want to create as many opportunities as possible for your child to start learning in their own way! We teach through a variety of activities incorporating music, fine and large motor, physical experiences, sensory, beginning number and letter understanding, social development and more!

An adorable toddler boy sits at a table in a doctor's waiting room and reaches up cheerfully to play with a toy bead maze.

Begin Transitioning to the Next Program

We start exposing our toddlers to many of the experiences that occur in our Preschool rooms as well. This means they will have music with Miss Romayne on Mondays to participate in our programs, sign language with Miss Cheryl on Wednesdays, Spanish instruction daily, as well as lunch and two healthy snacks. We also emphasize working on potty training toilet learning so that your child is ready to advance to preschool Children's House when the time comes.