Unique Preschool Experience for Kindergarten Preperation

At Woodparkwe teach our preschoolers about the world around them through hands–on participation at their own pace! We believe that preschoolers should be given time to experience education and understand concepts in a way that makes sense to them.

Students Learn the Alphabet, Penmanship, Science & More!

Preschoolers are at a stage in their development where they are constantly learning new things from their social interactions and the environment around them. At Woodpark, we make the most of this time by providing experiences for your child to grow every day! We not only directly teach and monitor our preschoolers’ learning; we also create learning experiences through conversation and purposeful play.
We emphasize a variety of skills, including a command of the alphabet, creative writing, penmanship, geography, art projects, science experiments, and mathematics instruction.
Group of cute little prescool kids drawing with colorful pencils

Learn Languages, Participate in Physical Activities & More

In addition to those subjects, we also have Miss Romayne comes on Mondays to teach music for our programs, sign language lessons on Wednesdays, and Spanish instruction throughout the week. We provide physical education daily, as well as lunch and two healthy snacks. All of these experiences are included in the tuition.