NAEYC Here We Come!

In November, I will be joined by Mr. Garcia and Ms. Ibrahim at the annual conference for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Since 2018, Village Green has been a candidate school for accreditation and have been refining our school program and operations to meet the standards set forth by NAEYC so we can have a successful site visit in 2020 and achieve the initial 5-year accreditation. NAEYC sets the ‘gold standard’ for accreditation when it comes to best practices in Early Childhood Education and we are excited to attend this important professional development opportunity. This year the conference will be in Nashville, TN. Last year the conference was conveniently located in Washington, DC and several administrators attended and brought back some valuable perspectives that we’ve used to inform our practice. This year we will focus our conference attendance on accreditation process support and curricular development, two areas that we as a school leadership team has been actively engaged in on a daily basis this school year.

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