Our First Snow!

One of the most common feelings as we walk back into school after a long Winter Break is one of renewed energy. After late morning naps and not following such a rigid routine the school day requires, our body resets itself and we come back to school with renewed energy and focus to tackle our goals. I feel this way myself and look forward to what excitement the year 2020 has in store for Village Green and our amazing families and staff. We were welcomed back to school with Spring-like weather that quickly turned to slush and snow. As I write this I watch from my office window as the heavy snow falls, making the roads and sidewalks slippery. Parents are steadily coming in and out of the building for an early departure and it is clear that Winter is near. As one who drives in the snow it’s not that much fun sitting in traffic but for our children who see the snow as an invitation to play, it’s magical. Hopefully this is the first of many snows for our children to enjoy.

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